• Medesha
  • .308

  • Jewell reworked by Medesha
  • 26" Krieger

  • BUTTSTOCK: Medesha
  • GRIP: Sierra Precision
  • FOREND: Medesha
  • Rear - Redfield International w/ Medesha adjustable mount
  • Front - Medesha extended base w/ Anshultz metal aperture

  • I had been fumbling around the last few years looking for a rifle where I could see the front sight with my 50 year old eyes! I had a Tubb gun ordered in 6xc but cancelled that when this AR-10 showed up - I just do not have the time to really practice with the bolt. ( Captain on an oil super tanker, and nope, I can't bring my rifle, I only wish !!!) Recoil was the only question I had prior to buying this rifle, but I find it's less than my M1A or match Garand - it's not that bad. This website did sway my decision, along with Precision Shooting mag articles and the story last year on Whitley's AR10.
  • This rifle also has the adjustable gas system. I've been able to tune operation with this gadget so maybe it does work. I added a longer button to the right side bolt release so as to keep trigger finger away from said trigger when dropping the bolt, and it works fine. Scott's bbl crown is great - all exiting gas forms a perfect ring on the muzzle.
  • I did have problems when I tried rapid fire at practice. The bolt would not feed the 1st round sometimes. Took it to my local smith, Ray Simard, great HP shooter( now F Class due age). We found the bolt dragging on the 2nd round. The bullet would also hit the lugs on the way into the chamber. Ray polished the underside of the bolt and the bbl extension's lugs. This worked for a while, then not. He then noticed the rounds were not sitting we then checked the headspace. Lo and behold Scott reamed it to min. 1.630" . My semi's are at least 1.632" so my normal loads were too LOOOONG. We now resize to .004" under. Also Scott said do not use any grease like Plastilube, Lubriplate, but only BreakFree. He said grease will slow up the bolt.

  • Had about a week practice before the NH State Champs. Never did get into 300 RF till the match and only tried standing to sitting twice. This rifle will shoot. I won the State Champs with a. 973-22x. . Norm Houle won the overall with his Tubb and a 988.
    Still working on positions as I'm having cant issues which tickle the x ring from left to right and end I up with 10's. While practicing dry firing will NOW pay attention to the front sight bubble (none on a M1A !!!)

    Loads used:

    SMK 175 gr bullet, 41 grains of 4895
    SMK 175 gr bullet, 42 grains of 4064 (for Long Range)

  • Greg Grosso
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